Life as a Realtor - 2020

Hello friends!

Welcome to my new Blog! I started this because I was recently told that it can help boost your business website on google, and what small business doesn't want that right? So, here I am, completely transparent and definitely not a writer! I expect that I will be writing 2-3 times a week, with my focus on all things real estate. But, We'll see how long this lasts.

As this is new, I guess I should introduce myself first! My name is Casie (pronounced like KC) and I live in a single family home on the north side of Chicago. I have a son who will be two at the end of December (currently screaming in my hair) #workingmomlife, two brindle fur puppies (full grown 50 and 75 pound dogs, but they are always puppies to me), and last but certainly not least ;).... a husband. We live in Chicago because Justin works as a full time Fireman/Paramedic for CFD. If you are familiar with a Chicago city worker, then you know that all city employees must live in Chicago limits.

This pandemic has been incredibly challenging ( for everyone, I know). I am a full time Realtor, and also manage properties for my investors, Justin also does general contracting on the side and helps me with management. Justin, my Dad and I run the business together and it makes for some interesting days. We are incredibly busy, grateful, but busy. And with no consistent child care it just seems impossible. Parents out there, I see you! So thats a little about myself, and my family! On to some real estate chat.

Throughout the pandemic it has been fascinating to watch from completely shut down to where we are now in October. Take a minute to read this short article about

why prices are going up in the area.

And thanks for reading y'all! Don't forget to visit my website at and lets make all your real estate dreams come true!

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