3 DIY Home Maintenance Tasks You Must Know!

Keeping up on our home maintenance is the best thing you can do to save yourself a lot of money, and to keep or add value to your home when you go to sell. By doing small tasks throughout the week you can keep your home looking and working to the best of its potential! Here are a few things you must know!

1. Check Your Connections!

Throughout your home there are many different hose lines, and connections to make all of your homes utilities work properly. A simple way to prevent any future damage is to check on these appliances/sinks/toilets consistently. For example: Check behind your washer/dryer for any loose connections, or water leakage. This little task applies to all of your appliances. Sinks, refrigerator, and toilets! Rust, holes, water, loose connections and overall condition of the hose lines are all things to look for. A simple "check your connections" task once a week will surely save you money and a headache!

2. Check Your Filters!

One of the most common forgotten DIY task that is most important: change your furnace filter at least once a month. By keeping up with this easy task you give your furnace a longer life. It will prevent future damage and a call to your HVAC person ($). It also helps your furnaces efficiency, and keeps your air clean! There are other filters that we can't forget around your home as well! Your dryer needs some attention too. Consistently clean the lint filter and also check there are no backups in the vent that leads outside. This will help your dryer be more proficient in drying! Isn't that what we all need! Clean air, and dry clothes.

3. Caulk Caulk Caulk!

Especially for my first time homebuyers, caulking seems to be intimidating. Although messy, it is easy and simple to use. We can crack down on those ugly high energy bills by checking your windows. If you notice the condition of the caulk line is fading, take a trip to your local home improvement store, ask a helper and they will assist you in finding the right caulk gun for you! When we treat caulk lines, we save lots of money by keeping that air in/out! Use your new caulk gun to prevent water leakage on your bathtubs and showers too. Easy fix, Money saved!

Hope these simple tips help you to give your home a little more love! And contact me directly if you have any questions about your real estate goals!


Thanks for dropping in!

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